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Dream:  The Work-Faith Connection

For many years, I knew that I had received a spiritual calling.  Yet because of difficulties in my life and my recovery, I was not making much progress in answering it.  Just before bed on 8-27-2009, in a state of hopelessness and frustration, I asked God to show me what he wanted me to do with my life, in terms of building a ministry.  I had the following dream:

 My friend, Alfons, is renting a do-it-yourself, personal storage space, that consists of a backroom stocking area and a front room where the product or service is sold over the counter. At first, I seem to be only observing. I later realize that his mom-and-pop operation is quite successful, (customers are lined up around the corner of the unit), and I ask him if he can hire me to help out. He hires me and I immediately notice that the backroom is in perfect order which everything is its place. He gives me a simple task and when I return to ask him exactly how to do it, he spats back at me with the general attitude, "Come on man, figure it out for yourself, just do it!" There is also a repetitive theme of my not wanting to go to a woman that I know for instruction throughout the night.    


In the real world, My friend Alfons lived at a homeless shelter called the 'Star of Hope' and was a volunteer phone receptionist on Fridays at a local Christian job-training program, known as the 'Work-Faith Connection.' Therefore, in the dream, my close friend who lives at the Star of Hope and serves out of love at the Work-Faith connection, is involved in a thriving self-start business. It is obvious that Alfonz represents my Higher Self. This is also an amazing example of how the unconscious chooses the best available symbols to get its point across! The backroom that is so neatly and efficiently organized, is my unconscious which has been largely integrated into consciousness. This in turn means that my unconscious is no longer contaminated or disorganized, and will therefore be a great asset, rather than a liability for the business. It will streamline the day to day functioning, so that we can concentrate on distributing product, or serving God's people, without having to worry about repercussions from the dark backroom. My inner Self also expects me to use my own judgment in taking action in getting the simple or basic stuff done, for God gave me a brain and heart to use. The woman that I do not want to consult for  instruction is my anima, which in this case, probably symbolized my inner wisdom.  Furthermore, the symbols of the Star of Hope and the Work-Faith Connection are strongly indicating that I need to find the hope and faith to do God's will.