DarkHorse Ministries

"We Are All Going to Live Forever!"

In a May 1995 spiritual retreat, I experienced a lucid mental period of about an hour or less. While in this non-ordinary state of consciousness, I shared my momentary intuitive awareness of certainty that "We are all going to live forever." It came 'out of the blue' and I just knew it was the truth, and that was that. This is the first spiritual experience that I had which informed me of the reality of any life after death, or even of any kind of truly metaphysical information whatsoever. As my spiritual quest progressed, various information that I encountered in my personal studies did not seem to fit (theo-) logically with this revelation. While I didn't mean to seem that I was keeping score, I would be somewhat uneasy for a number of years by the idea of how to reconcile a universal need for divine justice that would give human life any coherent meaning, with everyone achieving eternal life regardless of their moral behavior. One day much later I laughed while recognizing that this first experience of gnosis, or directly revealed divine knowledge did not include a detail that I had unknowingly and automatically assumed. Specifically, while it was somehow revealed to me that we will all live forever, it was not revealed that we would all be enjoying ourselves. Life after death? Yes! ... Fun? Maybe, … Maybe Not.