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The Unity of World Religion

Traditional metaphysics as taught by the Traditionalist school of the Perennial Philosophy ultimately demonstrates the simultaneous validity of the various world religions. I say validity to emphasize that each is valid or right within their own system or universe. Revealed religion happens to be just the sort of thing that can define its own universe, that it is then valid within. This means that no one has the right to enter the different religious universe of another and tell them that they or their religious system are wrong. There are many paths to the same Truth and all seekers are on their own path. Ultimately, each of us travels back to God from whom we came, naked and alone. All the orthodox systems are correct within their own religious domain. It is instructive to note that the title of one of the most powerful works within the Traditionalist corpus of literature is "The Transcendent Unity of Religion" by Frithjop Schuon. The key word here is 'transcendent,' since Schuon is telling us that the different ancient religions are not meant to form a unity in this world, but rather, only in the transcendent dimension of Absolute Reality.

The Traditionalist school of the Perennial Philosophy teaches the truth of both the divine transcendence of God above and beyond man, as well as the divine immanence within man. However the transcendent hierarchy of Being has precedence over the divine immanence. This is simply a way of saying that there is a Supreme Creator that is greater than all creations, simply because He created them and they did not create Him.

The first or highest level of the transcendent hierarchy of divinity is the Unmanifest, also referred to as 'Beyond-Being.' This is the level referred to by Christianity as the Father and within Islam as Allah, the One and only. Traditional metaphysics distinguishes The Principal or highest level from Manifestation, or the collection of all lower levels.

The highest level of Manifestation, or the second level of the divine hierarchy of Being, is the level of 'Being.' This represents the First creation by the Unmanifest Creator. This level includes numerous names for the same First creation, including: the First vibration Aum of Hinduism, the Buddha within, the 'Original Mind' of Zen Buddhism, the Avatar Krishna of the famous Hindu Bhagavad Gita scripture (the Gita), the Jewish Shekinah, the Nur Muhammad or Muhammadan Light of Prophecy described within Islamic Sufism, and finally the Christ, the only begotten Son of God, by whom and for whom all things were made. All these represent the 'name above all names.' This is because a name is a created thing, and the highest name will always be the first created. Therefore all these names above all names have an equivalence of first creation or highest Being. But all these names refer to the exact same Consciousness, which ultimately resides within all created things. There is no stuff that is not God-stuff.

The Biblical Gospel According to John states in John 10:30 that "I and my Father are one." In fact, this is a much quoted verse. A far less quoted verse, however, is found in John 14:28, "my Father is greater than I." It is here that the Christian scripture shows the truth of the hierarchy of Being. Christ the Son, is the reflection of the Father, and a reflection is always, in some way, a copy of the Original. Christ also said that if you have seen me, you have seen the Father. The translation here is: "My Father is eternally unmanifest to physical eyes. However, I, the Christ, the Logos, the firstborn and highest of creation, I Am the manifest God, the first and highest reflection of the Father."