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The psycho-spiritual phenomenon of synchronicity has been described by the world famous psychoanalyst Carl Jung. He characterized it as an acausal coincidence between some material happening and some related psychological event, that occur within some degree of time proximity. The following is an account of the first major synchronicity that I recall having ever experienced:

I met with my new sponsor for the first time after a 12-step meeting on 4-13-2009. After I rambled for an extended period of time, he told me that he had to go, but that he felt that I could benefit from trauma resolution therapy. I knew that he was a couples and marriage counselor, but I had assumed that that was all. I very innocently asked: "Do you know of anyone that does trauma resolution therapy on a sliding scale?" He replied that he would see me once a week at a low cost. I was shocked. He told me to call him and set an appointment and then left.

I immediately began to experience grief because I realized that I had told myself that I didn't want to get close to this man because he sat on a board of therapists that I thought might one day have to review me in some way. I therefore wanted to stay as far away as possible, else he might see how crazy I was. But I saw that the real reason that I had not asked for his help in sponsoring me, was actually because I simply did not feel worthy of working with someone that could potentially help me. As I went about my business in the afternoon, I couldn't decide whether I wanted to call and set a therapy appointment or not. I felt like I was taking advantage of this man, by asking him to be a sponsor and then his offering to do therapy at a low cost. I also thought that I had tried therapy years earlier and found it wanting, and that I didn't need another painful failure.

I returned home several hours after I had left him and went to the answering machine. He had left a message, whereby it was obvious that he did not know who he was calling, and was actually just responding to a phone number that showed up on his 'caller ID.' I later confirmed with my house mate that there had been no one home at my house to call him that day. Since I have free will, the universe had no way of knowing whether I would decide to begin therapy with this man or not. And so, the universe send me this synchronistic message to let me know that I really wanted to take advantage of this opportunity! I can no longer help but believe that when someone truly wants to get well, the universe will conspire with them to provide whatever they need.