DarkHorse Ministries

Dream: The Promised Land

     The following dream occurred on the morning of 12-18-2002:

I am on the phone frantically explaining to a graduate school that I am applying to, exactly why my transcripts have not yet arrived or my grades are low.  Meanwhile, a kind, nonjudgmental man that attended one of my regular recovery groups is waiting patiently for me to complete my conversation so that he can talk to me.  He is holding a large black book with the gold letters "HEBRON" on the front cover.



The kind man's name was John.  I would later learn that he was a psychotherapist.  John was one of the men who I felt most accepted by in this group.  John the Baptist was the herald  of the Christ and another John, the "beloved disciple," wrote the somewhat gnostic, Gospel of John and the book of Revelations in the New Testament. 

       Hebron was the location of the first plot of ground purchased in the Promised Land.  Abraham bought it and it became the burial place of Abraham, Isaac, Rachel and Leah.  Abraham was the patriarch of the three monotheistic faiths of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.  He, probably more than anyone else, represents the one who answered the One God calling out man to have faith in Him, worship Him and serve Him.  The fact that the land was purchased for burial, suggests that the first step towards the Promised Land is death.  The idea here may be a death and resurrection or rebirth theme that arises from having a faith in the Promise of God to take care of me and cause me to truly prosper, if I will faithfully seek and execute his will.