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"I Am Coming Back to Kriya Yoga"

One morning I woke up and realized only hours later that something appeared to be very wrong. Since having awoken, a male voice of authority within me, which I inwardly recognized to be myself, was periodically repeating the unusual phrase: "I'm coming back to Kriya yoga." I failed to question the truth of this statement, because I was under some sort or daze or spell for four or five hours, whereby this strange voice was rather like a friendly familiar echo from the distant past.

Then suddenly around noon, I stopped myself and shook my head back and forth, as I said out loud: "Wait a damn minute! I don't really know anything about this Kriya yoga!"

I then decided to sit down and trace my thinking back into the night before. Before going to bed, I was reading one or two books for the second time, that I originally looked at five years prior. I was not sure of the validity of these metaphysical writings. They spoke of an ancient technique of Kriya Kundalini Pranayama, alluded to in the sacred Hindu "Bhagava Gita" scripture (Bhagava Gita is ancient Sanscrit for "Song of God"). One or both of these authors claimed that in the ancient "Gita" it is recorded that Lord Krishna initiated the warrior Arjuna upon this Kriya yoga path. The proper practice of this technique is claimed to greatly accelerate the aspirant's spiritual evolution towards complete Self-Realization. But the spiritual lineage of this primordial Eastern Way was lost until resurrected through the intense work of Babaji, the Yogi Christ, around 200 A.D. Additionally, both Jesus and Patanjali, the sage who recorded the ancient classic "Yoga Sutures of Patanjali" are said to have known and practiced Kriya yoga.

As I continued to explore what occurred the night before, I realized that I had had a very deep dream. I also immediately noticed that the very process of my realizing that I had had this dream was somehow fundamentally different from my normal realization of dreams upon waking. This time, I had had to work harder to recognize that I had in fact been dreaming. It was almost as if, whatever had occurred in the night was encased in a secret inner vault and that this in turn was responsible for the spell that I was under since awakening. Once I penetrated the initial barrier, however, the spell evaporated and the dream was both clear and profound.

In the dream, I was sitting in the full lotus position on a rock in an ancient forest in India. My body was brown, completely erect and physically impoverished. I could see my ribs and my long matted hair. I recognize now that I was most certainly a student of the ancient Yoga tradition that worshipped and followed Shiva, The Lord of Yoga, the Lord of Death and Time, and the Lord of the Dance. (Indeed, I realize only now upon recording this that I have always loved to dance freely! Even to the point of seeming unable to follow anyone else's lead. Others have even found it difficult to dance with me socially because I have always "danced my own dance.") To this day, followers of Shiva, live and run naked through graveyards in India, with their bodies smeared with ashes to symbolize death. They have died before they died.

While on the rock, a resonant profound voice spoke in my mind: "I am coming back to Kriya yoga, … I am coming back to Kriya yoga! Then I eventually heard another male voice of authority say: "You didn't need to know this!"