DarkHorse Ministries

The Greenlight From God

Since the summer of 1996, I knew that I had experienced a major calling. I later found out through a friend about a long-haired minister that had been ordained by a religious organization. He had no formal training or other qualifications whatsoever. The religious institution had been founded by an illiterate young man from Appalachia, who basically believed that to do God's work, one only had to answer to one's own conscience. This appealed to me strongly. Ever since I was a young boy, something deep within me had resonated with the notion of freedom of conscience and religion. And it seemed very appropriate, given the nature of my calling, that I become ordained through such an institution. So, I did this both as a symbolic gesture to indicate that I was answering the call, and as some sort of first step toward the building of a ministry that I could not yet envision. As another symbolic gesture, I went to the local city clerk's office and paid for a DBA, or "doing business as."

By 2007, except for being extremely honored to marry two friends, I still had not really done anything in the ministry capacity. I had also forgotten and failed to renew the DBA in 2006. Regularly throughout these years, I had both thought and brainstormed about starting a ministry, seemingly always with the good intentions of really helping people in some spiritual way and not doing it for money. However, it never got translated into any action. Finally, one day while reading and meditating on my bed, I caught myself ruminating about the ministry and stopped. I told God that perhaps all this ministry stuff was just a figment of my imagination that my ego had concocted to get my name on something. I told Him that I wasn't sure what He wanted and whether or not He wanted me to do anything like this or what exactly was it that He wanted me to do. So, I gave my ideas about ministry back into God's hands, and told Him that I would wait until I somehow knew what He wanted me to do.

Several months later, I was sitting in an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting on a Saturday morning. I noticed some unusual energy connected with the thoughts that I was having. It involved realizing on some new level that nowhere in America were people really being taught to empower themselves to become the individuals that human beings were created to become. If anything, rather than being encouraged to differentiate ourselves psychologically from the collective herd mentality, our society and culture have been implicitly teaching conformity to a greater and greater degree. I immediately left the meeting to write down the ideas in the lobby and then went home to meditate.

After sitting in silence for several minutes at home, a wave of intuitive energy rose up from deep within my body. I knew it was God saying: "George, what you have is solid gold. Anything you put together in the way of ministry will be honored by me." I broke down and cried, realizing that the God of this universe was basically giving me the green light to go forward in ministry.