DarkHorse Ministries

Dream: The Divine Hunter

     I had the following dream sometime in the year 2000:

Although I could not see him, I knew there was a hunter with a rifle that was hunting me. As he got me in the crosshairs of his scope, I could see myself across the room sitting on the toilet. Suddenly the rifle fires, the back lid of the toilet flies off, and a camera pops out. The next scene was through the eye of the camera. I could make out an object approaching from a far off distance. As it came closer, I saw a beam's eye view of an eagle flying straight into the camera. The crosshairs then tilted slightly to exactly line up along the wingspan of the great bird and the camera snapped the picture.


In sufism, the hunter is a symbol for God, and it is said that "the lion hunts the lion." Here is the idea that although we think that we seek after God, it is really God that seeks us. The same basic message is found in Francis Thompson's poem The Hound of Heaven,where God hounds a lost soul throughout his human life, until he finally turns completely to Him. Once the Hunter places his crosshairs upon our hearts, we shall never know true peace, until we turn in total response to Him.

The motif of sitting on the toilet is symbolic of 'doing one's creative work' or the work from within oneself. The fact that the Hunter finds me while I am on the toilet doing my creative work is interesting. It seems that while I am running about focused on the external world, God has difficulty getting my attention. However, when I stop running from myself and face myself by doing my inner work, then the divine Hunter immediately finds me. The camera comes from behind my ego or conscious self as a response from the stimulus of the Hunter's shot. This suggests a new perspective made possible by God's grace after I have been willing to complete my inner work.

Finally, the eagle is a solar symbol, and was said in ancient mythology, to be able to gaze into the full light of the sun. In other words, the eagle represents the one who is able to look into the full glory of God. Therefore, the eagle is symbolic of the unconscious archetype of the Self. The alignment of the camera just before the final snapshot then seems to hint at my destiny--- the aligning of my consciousness or ego along the direction of the divine Self.