DarkHorse Ministries

DBA: Dark Horse Ministries

After my spiritual calling in the Summer of 1996, I was literally driving myself crazy trying to figure out what kind of a helping professional I was supposed to become. I finally decided to simply make a general decision towards the helping professions and to let God guide me in the direction that he wanted me to go. At some point I hit my knees and told God that my ego was much too large for me to be deciding that I could be a therapist, and that I would wait until He gave me the 'go-ahead' to become whatever He wanted me to be. (About four years later, I would begin to have dreams guiding me in a vocational direction).

In the meantime, I learned about a church that would ordain anybody that claimed to have had a calling. I therefore decided to become an ordained minister, mainly as a spiritual gesture indicating that I would answer the call that I had received. I also formed a DBA (doing business as) and officially named it. Even so, I would do nothing of any official capacity, with the exception of marrying a pair of friends in recovery almost a decade later. But, getting to stand before them and God, and to offer them their marriage vows, was without a doubt, one of the greatest honors of my life.