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Dream: A Harmonic Jesus : A Revelation of the Cosmic Christ

  A number of years ago, I had a wonderful experience while asleep. It was a vivid and beautiful archetypal color dream clip of Jesus rising out of and descending into the water three times. The movement had a smooth natural rhythm as well as a very sacred, auspicious feeling and music that accompanied it. (I later recognized that this motion was in fact what is known in the field of physics as simple harmonic motion or SHM. SHM is characterized by maximum speed at the midpoint of travel and maximum acceleration, (ie. maximum change of speed) at the endpoints. In the high school or college physics lab, this is the up-and-down motion of an object suspended by a simple spring). This oscillation or bobbing motion just happens to be the single most common dynamic pattern found in the natural world --- the archetypal template of all movement in the cosmos. It is the origin of all sound, the very cord struck at the Big Bang. It is the AUM that emerges from the primordial Silence itself. In the words of the New Testament, it is the first begotten of the Father. This dream was therefore a revelation of the Cosmic Christ alluded to in the gnostic Gospel of Thomas when Jesus declared "cleave a rock and I am there." This Cosmic Christ belongs to all of creation and all religions. Indeed, Creation is literally shot through with this universal and eternal Christ. This has been the true message of many great mystics and teachers, both ancient and modern, like Meister Eckhart, Kabir, Bede Griffiths, Raimon Panikkar, Matthew Fox and most recently Richard Rohr. Simple harmonic motion has another very interesting feature. Suppose that an object is located on a two-dimensional plane and is moving in a circle on this plane at a constant speed. (This 2-D motion is known in physics as uniform circular motion or UCR). Then suppose that a light illuminates the object from the side to form a shadow projection or reduction of this circular path onto a one-dimensional line. We have then effectively collapsed the information contained in two dimensions into one dimension. It turns out that the resulting one-dimensional motion will then be an SHM oscillation! In other words, the SHM oscillation can be derived from a circular motion in a higher dimension! By analogy, we can then speak of our humanly perceived natural world as somehow arising out of a higher world that has as its archetypal pattern something equivalent to continuous circular motion. I remember as a little boy that one day my stepfather called me over to him. He held up a coffee cup and ran his finger continuously around the rim. He told me: "This is infinity and eternity --- no beginning and no end." And so it seems that this world comes from and returns to the Infinite and Eternal. All is ultimately a circle with no beginning and no end. Within the human psyche, this appears to be experienced as death and rebirth cycles by those that continue to go deep within themselves to find those living waters that the personal Christ spoke of. It is the wisdom inside each of us that like a little child of star-struck wonder, will lead us.