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Dream: A Spiritual Calling Card

A short time after learning of Sufism, on the morning of Jan. 25, 2000, I had the following dream:

I am alone in the back room (my sister's room) of the house I grew up in on a weekend night.   I hear a loud knock at the front door, which was rarely used in this house.  I am wondering whether there are any illegal drugs in the house.  I walk down the hall to the living room and attempt to peak out the window, but it is boarded up.  I therefore have no choice but to slowly open the door.  The door is pushed open by a man dressed in black up to a turtleneck sweater.  I am trying to say "Hey wait a minute, you need a warrant to come in here," but I don't get it all out before he has pushed his way completely inside.  He is holding a shining white business card out in front of him.




     I am in the house that I was abused in for most of my childhood, of which I have hardly  dreamt of since I left over twenty years prior.  This house represents my old consciousness.  My concern about drugs being present also indicates that I am in my adolescent frame of mind, since I stopped abusing substances in my late teens.  The fact that I am in my sister's room probably means that I am in some way working within the realm of my inner woman, or anima.  An intruder appears to be trying to enter my consciousness through a door rarely used.  My attempt to look out the window and finding it boarded, suggests again, that I am living in a boarded up house or rather a fearful, guarded consciousness.  It also likely hints that,  I am being told by my inner guide, "No more spiritual 'window-shopping!'  Rather, follow this (Sufi) path!"

    The man in black is obviously a herald or harbinger of some type.  It is likely that, he represented the Prophet Muhammad, who also dressed in black.  Also, since black is not a color, but rather the absence of all colors,  this is probably symbolic of the mystical poverty or emptiness which alone enables a vessel to be filled with the wine of God.  The  business card invited the colloquial expression "calling card," which also suggests that Muhammad or rather, the Sufi or even the Self, has come to call me spiritually.  This seems confirmed by the fact that my ego feared his entering the house, for the ego always interprets true spiritual growth as death.  This appears obviously reinforced, by the card being white, a symbol of purification, which in turn is the initial stage of any spiritual path.  Finally, there is the sharp contrast between the black clothing and the shining white card.  This obviously emphasizes the existence of, and the tension between, the opposites within.  It also poses the possibility of their reconciliation via the individuation process, which brings the darkness of the unconscious into the clear light of consciousness.  This probably is alluding to another fact, namely that, the ancient tradition of Sufism is somehow naturally or supernaturally connected to the psychology of the opposites, or Jungian depth psychology.  This amazing connection is described in the Sufi teacher and Jungian dream analyst, Llewellyn Vaughn-Lee's books, The Lover and the Serpent as well as  Catching the Thread.