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     Dream:  The Baha'i Revelation

       On the morning of 12-17-2007, after reading the writings of Baha'ullah, the founder of the Baha'i faith in 19th Century Iran, I had the following dream:

In the first scene, I'm taking my childhood skis out to the streets that are packed with snow to let my dog pull me. I am telling others: "I am going to learn to ski!"

In the second scene, I am driving up a snow covered mountain to join a group of children in skiing down. I am simultaneously reaching into the backseat to light one candle from another. One candle is in a glass container while the other is not. I pull over while driving to do this, because I had left a lit candle in the backseat unattended. I then pull up to park behind a large square group of children, assembled on a street corner. The general feeling or thought was something like, "Yes, you've found another expression of truth. So, what! Come down the mountain with the other children!"


The dream is revealing that indeed Baha'ullah's writings are spiritually inspired and therefore contain truth. Within the back seat, or my unconscious, a different candle is being lit, and the same light or same truth is being changed in form only. I am also told that I must stop 'ego-driving' in my conscious life and attend to the light burning in the unconscious.  In other words, I must give my conscious attention over to the direction of the unconscious Self within.  Both the square, and the corner (or cornerstone) are symbols of spiritual wholeness. The dream is therefore definitely pointing in the more important direction of living life --- rather than acquiring knowledge of yet another spiritual tradition.  In particular, the dream is beckoning me both to 'come down off the high' of the spiritual mountain and to play with and join the other children of God in the hills and valleys of life.  It is also possible that my Higher Self is saying: "Come on buddy, the hardest part is over.  It's all downhill from here!"